• Hair Growth Formula
  • Hair Growth Formula
  • Hair Growth Formula
  • Hair Growth Formula
  • Hair Growth Formula


Hair Growth Formula

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Get ready to achieve long, gorgeous, healthy hair and nails with the daily use of Hair369! The synergistic blend of 14 premium ingredients, formulated by a medical professional, will give your body a boost of vitamins for shinier, stronger, thicker hair.

Many women don’t get enough vitamins and vital nutrients in their diet, which can result in shedding, weak, and dull hair. These easy-to-swallow veggie capsules are vegan-friendly and designed to absorb quickly, so you’ll see results faster. Best of all, they’re non-GMO and made without gluten or sugar. Unlock your hair’s potential with tresses that grow longer and faster!

**Warning** Your friends will envy you and the guys will stare!

Hair369 is a vegetarian friendly hair growth formula designed to help you grow longer, stronger, healthier, sexier hair!  Fast!

💕All 2 and 3 bottle orders will receive a FREE scalp massager and 2 FREE hair ties “While Supplies Last”💕



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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Latoya R.
Advanced Hair Growth formula pills

I Feel these Hair Growth Pills
Has Helped Make a Difference
In My Hair Growth
And I'm Glad I Did Decide
To Purchase. Also my Nails
Are Stronger And Do Not Break Easily

Massiel Valdez

I love these pills , they really work my hair and nails are growing really fast . I just purchased my second bottle bc I love it 🥰

Aisha H.

I started my hair rehab I think 6 or more months ago. I had lots of hair damage due to using Deva Curl. Hair loss, thinning hair. I decided to give Hairitics 369 Hair Vitamins a shot and I’ve been using it ever since. Along with the another hair product I’m using for scalp repair etc I don’t miss a day of my Hair369!! As you can see the pic on the right was me growing out a big chop with damaged hair. I want to say that was in February or March 2020. The pic on the left was my hair in September 2020. I’ve since had a trim in October but my length is growing by fast!!! Can’t wait to see what my hair will look like come Spring’21!

Sandra Satterfield
Love love your product

I love the hair369 I have told some friends about it and how it has been great for my hair. I plan to keep using it since I’m having great things happen with my hair after using a month now. I want all my friends to try it with me being a woman in her 50’s we need some help as we get older and this will be my go to. Thank you so much for hair369. What a wonderful product.

Adriana Carreno Porras
Love them!!

I straighten my hair quite a lot, and since I started taking this vitamins not only has my hair grown much faster than usual, it is also way healthier and shinier!

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